Desk of the Chairman

Terry Haines swearing in our newest Trustee, Dan Reno.

October 2019 Update

One of the jobs of a leader is to lead.  Being a leader does not necessarily mean that you will be everyone’s friend.  From time to time we all need […]


September 2019 Update

Thank those of you who responded with encouraging remarks to my last as well as all of my previous articles.  Even when we disagree on a point, I appreciate it […]


August 2019 Update

August for most of us is the traditional last month of summer.  Many are still traveling on vacation and kids are preparing for the inevitable return to school.  Baseball is […]


July 2019 Update

July brings upon us the celebration of our Nation’s birth.  Many of us will be involved in patriotic parades either as participants or attendee.  There will be a massive amount […]

honor flight June 2019

June 2019 Update

As we approach the 75th anniversary of D-Day, another milestone in modern military history will be remembered.  Thousands and thousands of terrified young men stormed numerous beaches in France in […]

Ben Backen from North Medford High School and Maci Noble from Eagle Point High School each received $500 scholarships from the Rogue Chapter.

May 2019 Update

My fellow members, May is a special month for me and for many of you as well.  For me, my father who passed away almost 17 years ago was born […]

Russ, Melanie & Lauren receiving NCOA awards from Terry - edit

April 2019 Report

My fellow members, I want to re-kindle a moment of your service in the military.  Think back to when you felt proud to have been a Marine, or a sailor […]

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March 2019 Report

My fellow members and perhaps even some currently serving that have not yet joined us; I have some news that I want to share with you that will hopefully provide […]

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February 2019 Report

We just ended the longest government shut down in US history and no matter what side of the political spectrum you claim, nothing compares to the deployment into a combat […]

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January 2019 Report

Christmas and New Years are now behind us and I pray that you all had a safe and memorable holiday season.  I am excited about 2019 because good things are […]

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December 2018 Report

I hope that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and experienced why there is so much to be thankful for in this great country.  In a few short weeks, Christmas […]

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November 2018 Report

November 10th is the 243rd birthday for the United States Marine Corps, so a very happy and respectful birthday wish goes out to all Marines, past and present and for those who […]