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NCOA is very respective of our past but we also realize that we cannot survive if we chain ourselves only to our past accomplishments.  Unlike many of the other veteran service organizations which want to survive by convincing the younger generation to accept the past but continue to live in the past, we are trying to see into the future and adapt to the needs of our younger military members.  It may be scary for some of our more mature members but unless we find a way to bring youth into our fold, all of our past accomplishments will fade away when we pass.

 Do you have a skill that is being underutilized?  Do you have some time to help make a difference in our organization, your community and our nation?  It matters not where you live as long as we have the ability to communicate.  Send me an email or give me a call at 541-601-8467 and let’s talk.  You are important to me and I will listen!

 Terry M. Haines

Rogue Chapter Chairman


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Subject: Notes From NCOA Membership Director

Greetings Everyone,

I hope you, your families and Friends enjoyed Thanksgiving. I put together the Notes below and would like your input and Action! We need to put a spark in our Association and it’s important that we do that from the Headquarters, the Regular and  Auxiliary Chapters as well as KSTs and Members at Large. Please take the time to read Contact your local Members, Fellow Knights etc. and discuss the contents of this email.

                            Membership is the Life Blood of the Association!

  Conduct Local Chapter Membership Drive for: Visibility, New Members and Retention

  • Consider giving reduced rate and or Incentive item to those that Join for the First Time.
  • Encourage Life Members to join the Van Guard Life Member Program and get involved in some other way.
  • We sent out some Renewal Post cards to some members that do not have an email address. We have already received responses from some of them which is very good news! We will continue to do that as well as use Memberplanet and Phone calls as well.
  • Find ways to get All Chapter Members involved (Look at what skill sets they may have i.e., Social Media, Organizing events, Marketing etc.) Give them the opportunity to use those talents to assist the Chapter.
  • Consider conducting Chapter Meetings as a Team Building event at the Bowling Lanes or other Venue. Conduct a brief Meeting and afterwards allow time to Bowl/Network
  • Consider partnering with other VSOs and Other Organizations on And off the Bases near you to conduct Fund Raising events, Information Fairs, Community Relations events etc.
  • What kind of Fundraisers are you doing: Car Washes, Bakes Sales, Golf Outing’s, Donation Drives, Yard Sales etc. (Any Other ideas to share?)
  • What do you normally use the Proceeds for from Fund Raisers you conduct? Donations to Veteran Charities may be something to consider.
  • What kind of Volunteer Opportunities do you organize in your Area? Here are few Suggestions; Visits to Orphanages, Visits to Local VA or other Hospitals, Clean-up a block in the Local Neighborhood, Collect Food, Clothes or other items for the Needy. Collect Toys, Gifts for low income or Orphan children especially during the Christmas Season.
  • Consider sending care packages to the troops deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.  That establishes a link between those deployed troops and NCOA once they return.
  • What kind of ways are you Promoting what your Chapter/the Association is about? Are you Advertising in the local News Papers, Local News Letters or Magazines? Do you have a Chapter Newsletter? Are you setting up Information Tables at community Events? It’s great to do good things however we must tell others what we are doing!
  • How do you recognize the Members and Supporters of your Chapter?
  • Are you receiving the NCOAdvocate? If so are you Passing it on to others?
  • How Often do you Visit the Association Website?
  • Check out attached info that can be used to help provide information about the Association. Include your Local Chapter information. (Note if you have some ideas on something that needs added to these feel free to let me know). We are also working on a Short Power point Presentation as well.
  • If there is someone else in the Chapter you would like that we communicate with please pass on their contact information.
  • If you have not already, I encourage you to take time to go on to the Association website and sign in to Memberplanet and follow the instructions.
  • Is there any interest in Standing Up A Chapter in your Area? If so Let us at the Headquarters know and we can assist you.
  • These are just a few Comments, Recommendations and Questions. You may have more to add and we are open to hear from you. Communications isn’t valuable if it’s always one-way so I am encouraging you to communicate with us.

I am going to wrap this up for now. I look forward not only from hearing from you but also seeing the results from the actions you will take as a Chapter and as Individuals for those of you that are not near a Chapter.

I will respond to your communications and will continue to keep you informed.

“Strength In Unity”

Joseph Terry

Membership Director


210-653-6161 X 407