Rogue Chapter

April 2019 Report

My fellow members, I want to re-kindle a moment of your service in the military.  Think back to when you felt proud to have been a Marine, or a sailor or a soldier.  Remember a proud moment as a member of the Air Force or Coast Guard.  For you family members who didn’t get to serve but joined our auxiliary to support your spouse or another member of your family, remember that moment that was shared with you by your service member.  Think back to a moment when you were proud to be an American; when wearing your uniform made you stand just a little taller and perhaps walk with a little bounce in your step.

At that moment, was it an individual accomplishment that made you proud or was it a group accomplishment?  I have long felt that some of the best friends that have come into my life are men and women that I served with and I think many if not most of you may feel the same.  Promotions required a lot of individual effort but there was also a contribution from your fellow service members that made the promotion possible.  Perhaps it was a mentor that guided you or your platoon that worked hard together to contribute to group success.  Earning the title of United States Marine is a high point or putting on your anchors to become part of the chief’s mess for you Sailors and Coast Guardsmen.

Maybe it was successful completion of a grueling mission where all objectives were achieved and all of your people came back in one piece.  There are lots of individual accomplishments that make up a career in the military or even a successful enlistment, but more often than not satisfaction is attached to group accomplishments.  Being part of a team, whether it is a squad, platoon, company or even a battalion, regiment or a division give us reason to be proud.

In a certain perspective, the Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) is no different.  Just like in the military, no individual can succeed by themselves.  Success requires teamwork, objectives and effort.  My friends, I just learned this past week that a military organization that has been in existence for 70 years will be closing their doors in a few short months.  Many other organizations, even big ones with millions of members are struggling to move forward.  Individually we can’t do much, but collectively, much can be accomplished.

NCOA currently has approximately 30 chapters located in the US, South Korea and Italy.  We have perhaps another 6 that have gone inactive for not submitting paperwork and another half dozen requests to form new chapters.  Approximately 80% of our membership is not affiliated with a chapter so many of you reading this article fall into that group.  With technology and the Internet, a group of members could form a chapter even if they don’t live in the same state.  A lot can be accomplished in Unity and cooperation and I can assure you that NCOA is not going away.  As Gunny Highway said in Heartbreak Ridge, “we adapt and overcome!”  That is what NCOA is going to do.

Can you help?  Will you help?  Contact me or headquarters and information can and will be provided to assist you. Keep checking our website at and new information will be shared as we move forward.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, either contact headquarters or contact me at and I can assure you that your leadership will take note.

Strength in Unity & Leadership By Example,


MCPO (SCW) Terry M. Haines

Chairman, International Board of Directors