Desk of the Chairman

Chairman of the Board Terry M, Haines presenting the award for the 2019 Western Region Large Chapter of the Year award to Trustee & Treasurer Ron Kohl

June 2020 Update

June is the traditional month when schools get out, summer begins, PCS moves take place and many of us begin to think about things like vacations, baseball, and NASCAR.  This year, other than summer starting on June 20th and Father’s Day, nothing will be the same.  School was closed months ago, PCS moves have been […]

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May 2020 Update

May is a solemn month for those who have served.  Memorial Day is a day when we remember the lives of those who did not return that served alongside and prior to us.  Many of us may have memories of the day when a friend or comrade went about their day and by the end […]


April 2020 Update

April is upon us and this April will be unlike any other April in the recent past if ever.  Tax Day, April 15th has been pushed back to July 15th.  Easter is on the calendar but with Public gatherings being limited to no more than 10, there won’t be any Easter Egg hunts and Easter […]

Chairman Haines presenting Certificate of Recognition to Trustee Dan Reno for his work on getting the Chapter Newsletter out to our membership

March 2020 Update

March is Women’s History Month.  I want to acknowledge and promote the fact that women have served honorably and side by side without complaints for decades and it is important to acknowledge their service and sacrifice.  Thank you for your service! I heard a radio spot the other day and the message has been bouncing […]

Vets at Grants Pass breakfast 2-6-20

February 2020 Update

February is here and we celebrate President’s Day which consolidates Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th and Washington’s Birthday which is February 22nd into one national Holiday so that most of us get a three day weekend.  Additionally, February is Black History Month and we must celebrate the many contributions made to our nation by our […]


January 2020 Update

January is upon us and we look forward and hope that this next decade starts off in a memorable way.  The Christmas and New Year holidays usually mean family, time off and an up-lift for our outlook.  Many of you will do the traditional New Year’s resolutions and only hope that they survive long enough […]

Navy Announces Targeted Reentry Program

December 2019 Update

December is upon us once again.  We start off remembering Pearl Harbor Day.  December 7th, the Day that will live in infamy and transition to Christmas to end the month with a big family day that usually means that most of us mortgage the year trying to keep up with the Jones’ and give our […]

Bud Cordes and Terry Haines at Texas Roadhouse on Veterans Day raising fund.

November 2019 Update

November is the month that we in America celebrate three significant events.  Veterans Day, November 11th is a day that was originally called Armistice Day commemorating the end of World War 1, the “war to end all wars”.  It has evolved into a day when all veterans from all wars are now honored and many […]

Terry Haines swearing in our newest Trustee, Dan Reno.

October 2019 Update

One of the jobs of a leader is to lead.  Being a leader does not necessarily mean that you will be everyone’s friend.  From time to time we all need to take a step back, evaluate where we are going and more specifically how we are going to get there.  That may mean that a […]


September 2019 Update

Thank those of you who responded with encouraging remarks to my last as well as all of my previous articles.  Even when we disagree on a point, I appreciate it when you take the time to share your thoughts.  Communication of different points of view ultimately leads to a better end product. Summer is winding […]


August 2019 Update

August for most of us is the traditional last month of summer.  Many are still traveling on vacation and kids are preparing for the inevitable return to school.  Baseball is still going strong and college and NFL football are beginning to stir in preparation for a new season.  Things are kind of routine if you […]


July 2019 Update

July brings upon us the celebration of our Nation’s birth.  Many of us will be involved in patriotic parades either as participants or attendee.  There will be a massive amount of attention to fireworks, parades and patriotic music. As men and women who served our country to support and defend the constitution, July 4th has […]