Chairman Haines presenting WW2 medallions to USN vet Helen Fairley, USMC vet Ben Martens, Elise Armour widow of USAF Vet Richard Armour, Mary Bradford, widow of Army vet Edward Bradford J

Desk of the Chairman March 2022

March is Women’s History Month and is celebrated on March 8th.  Do you know of a woman that has contributed to our military or your community, state or country that has made a positive difference?  Remember them in March!  I want to also recognize that the Navy Seabees have a birthday on March 5th. The […]

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NCOA Newsletter February 2022

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Desk of the Chairman February 2022

Wow…can you believe that February is already here, and we find ourselves guessing whether the groundhog will see its shadow or not on February 2nd!  Two of our country’s greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington, were both born in February, and we celebrate their combined birthdays on February 21st which is now known as […]

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Information from NCOA Executive Director Jan 2022

2022 is off to a good start.  I have made it through almost a full year since my wife of 41 and a half years passed away very suddenly and I am still standing tall.  Since our last conference in San Antonio, your chapter has been busy, and I wanted you to know what has […]

Army veteran Jay Hayes receives WW2 medallion from Chairman Haines

WW2 medallion presentations from Rogue Chapter

Chairman Terry Haines presents WW2 medallions to Army veteran Jay Hayes, Betty Francis, widow of Army veteran Richard Francis, Ginny Vandine, widow of US Army Air Corps veteran Joseph Vandine, Navy veteran Laurie Jordan & Retired Navy Senior Chief Bill Francis.

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NCOA Newsletter January 2022

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Desk of the Chairman January 2022

January is the beginning of a new year and as such gives us all an opportunity to lay a new way forward in front of us.  New Year’s Day is a day where many of us watch football, recover from New Year’s Eve parties, and begin to think about how we want the rest of […]

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WW2 medallion presentation from Rogue Chapter

Navy veteran Robert Hanson with his wife and 101-year-old Justin Gibson, an Army Air Corps veteran receive the WW2 medallion from Chairman Terry Haines.

Army veteran Elie Morrell receives WW2 medallion from Chairman Haines

WW2 Medallion Presentation

Chairman Terry Haines presented WW2 medallions to Army Air Corps veterans Al Lightman, Warren Dodd, & Alvin Browder. He also presented to Army veteran Elie Morrell. At the conclusion of the presentation, everyone sang God Bless America.

Crowd picture 2021 Christmas social

Rogue Chapter Christmas Social

Our social was the first one due to Covid in over a year.  There were 22 in attendance as it was a rainy day.  Awards were given, donations to charities were presented and a great meal was had by all.  Merry Christmas from the Rogue Chapter.

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WW2 Medallion Presentation

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Desk of the Chairman December 2021

On December 13th we will celebrate the birthday of the first militia formed 385 years ago in 1636 in what is now known as Massachusetts.  Happy Birthday National Guard.  December is a busy month for most Americans.  December 7th is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, a day that sparked our official entrance into World War 2.  […]