Rogue Chapter

Summer 2016

Much has happened since my last article.  I have retired from the work force and now find myself dedicating a good portion of my time to groups and causes that resonate in my heart.  Working with veterans is one of those things that I now enjoy doing.  I belong to many different veteran groups, some because I have checked off all of the requirements to belong over my career and some because a group has wormed its way into my heart.  NCOA is definitely a huge part of who I am just as having served 30 years in the Navy makes the Navy a vital part of who I am.

Are you at or nearing a point in your life where you have time to invest?  Do you stand tall and either salute or place your hand over your heart when the National Anthem plays?  Love of my country that I grew up in and a desire to keep it healthy are major factors that drive me.  How about you?  What drives you?  My grandson joined the Army a little over a year ago and is now stationed in South Korea.  He just sent a Facebook post indicating his feelings when he received a care package from people he didn’t even know.  His remarks touched me.  “Y’know, it’s not often I really look for a thank you, or ever go out of my way to get recognized, but it’s the little things like this that completely make my day and remind me why I do what I do… Thank you so much to Kaydence and everyone else at the New Salem Children’s Center in Illinois for sending things like this out to the rest of my brothers and sisters in arms, it’s the boys and girls, men and women like this that really make the difference for us and keep us wanting to push and do what we do!”  My grandson is 19 years old and alone a long way from home and he taught me something today.  Unconditional and unsolicited care for people we don’t even know can make someone’s day and perhaps even turn into one of those teaching moments that happen all too infrequently in our world today.

Our chapter has a lot of people who have served a long way from home.  You should remember when mail call happened and how it was often the highlight of your day.  Much like my grandson, when we got things from people we did not know, they were kind of special.  Rogue Chapter has a program to send care packages overseas to our troops.  If you can put together a care package, our chapter will mail it overseas for you and perhaps you can contribute to another young soldier having a special day.  Pay it forward today and share your patriotism and love for our troops with a small token of your appreciation.

If you have questions or need to make arrangements to drop of things for a care package, you can call me at my cell phone listed below or send me an email at


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