Rogue Chapter

Operation Reassurance Compilation Video

My fellow NCOA members, veterans and patriotic Americans:

There is a U-Tube link below with a 14 minute video from celebrities, business leaders and people who have experienced the value of an Honor Flight.  Some of you watching the video have been on an Honor Flight and some of you have applied for a future flight.  Honor Flight is a program that the Rogue Chapter is a huge supporter of.  Many of the Rogue Chapter trustees are also part of the team that takes these life changing flights back to Washington DC to experience a grateful nation and to view their sacred memorials.

This year has been a disappointment on many levels for a variety of reasons but soon a new year will begin and if the good Lord is willing, Honor Flight of Oregon will once again transport our Honored Veterans back to Washington DC so that they can each experience a life changing event.  Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and almost every single veteran that has gone on a flight came back with their chest puffed out just a little bit further and an emotional jump start for the rest of their lives.

When we get started again after the new year turns over, I will reach out to you again so that you can participate if possible in going to an airport to welcome these veterans, perhaps help us find a way to get one of you on a flight either as an honored veteran or as a guardian whose job it is to help an honored veteran maximize the experience.  Stay tuned after the first of the year for more updates.


Very Respectfully,

Terry M. Haines
Vice President, Honor Flight of Oregon
Logistics Chair &
Chairman of Rogue Chapter 1260, NCOA