Rogue Chapter

Information from NCOA Executive Director Jan 2022

2022 is off to a good start.  I have made it through almost a full year since my wife of 41 and a half years passed away very suddenly and I am still standing tall.  Since our last conference in San Antonio, your chapter has been busy, and I wanted you to know what has been accomplished as it might just make you feel good too!

  • So far, the Rogue Chapter has awarded over 50 WW2 Medallions to WW2 veterans and their families.  Schedules are filling up to award another 30 and I am working with the local Chamber of Commerce to identify more.
  • We raised over $14,000 at our annual 5k VeteRun for veteran’s charities and in the 5 years of the VeteRun, we have raised and given away over $60,000.
  • The Rogue Chapter sponsored the Navy Vanguard at our last conference and would like to help sponsor something at the 2022 conference if we can raise enough funds.  Sponsorships listed above with the attachments range from just a few hundred dollars to as much as $8000 for the remaining Air Force Vanguard sponsor.  In a perfect world, I would get to see each of you in San Antonio and thank each of you for your support of not only the chapter, but the association as well.
  • We were able to raise and provide $10,000 for Honor Flight that takes our honored veterans to see their Memorials in Washington DC.
  • The Association has a goal of 1,200 new members by July 19th.  So far Rogue Chapter has recruited 13 new members.  While that number is not huge in the big picture, we are just getting started. The Rogue Chapter will cover part of the cost of a 1-year membership if you send the application back to us so that we can make up the difference.  Regular membership is normally $30 and now it is $20.  Auxiliary membership for family members over the age of 18 is normally $20 & now $15.  We are one active auxiliary member away from being able to restart our own auxiliary chapter.  Can you help?  You may win one of 2 $250 visa cards or a $500 visa card if your name is picked.  Just follow the instructions in the membership campaign attachment.  Send applications & payment to the address below.  Payment can also be made on our website, just mark for membership and mail application in.  Add $1.00 if you use a credit card to cover processing fees.  Website below.
  • We will be giving away two $500 scholarships prior to the conference that can be used for trade schools or conventional educational pursuits.  Priority goes to kids/grandkids or great grandkids of NCOA members.  If you have a family member eligible for the auxiliary with kids that could use the scholarship, for a minimal membership fee, they can be in a preferential position when applying.  Don’t wait until the last minute.