Rogue Chapter

From the Desk of the Chairman

The Rogue Chapter has a long history of making a difference, not just in southern Oregon, but in the lives of our members.  A standard understood within the military community is that NCO’s and Petty Officer’s take care of their own.  For over 25 years, when a member went through tough times, the Rogue Chapter was there for them.  Food, help with things around the house when ill or just being a friendly shoulder to lean on when you need it.  We are like a family.

How do we do it?  Volunteer spirit has been the life blood of the Rogue Chapter since it was formed in the mid 1980’s.  Each year over 20,000 hours are given up by our membership to help each other and our community.  Some give a lot more than others because they are at a place in their life where they have time and others give a little when the opportunity presents itself or they are asked.  An hour of quality time helping someone in need is just as valuable to the recipient of that time as someone who gives a 100 hours.  Visiting someone in the hospital or a nursing home or delivering food baskets to families who may not know where there next meal is coming from are examples of real help given every day.

It has been said that today’s generation doesn’t have the same priorities as ours.  Perhaps they have never been shown the real value of giving of themselves.  It is our job to show them how they too can make a difference and truly come to understand that there is more to life than TV or video games.  There is more to life than self.  Helping others provides a satisfaction that is truly not understood until it is experienced.  Teach our younger generations some of the valuable lessons that we learned as we grew up.  Relying on our schools to teach this has not proven to be successful.  Mentorship and leading by example has always proved to work from my experience.  The government was never designed to take care of us and that is not what it is supposed to do.

Do you want to help make a difference, contact me and we will look for the right opportunity for you.  My email address is